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Heeeeeey birddog wiki!

Page list home page (public-facing)

Submit new request
    ![new request](

Request edit
    (Basically similar to new request)

List of my requests
    ![my requests](

User preferences

Sign up

Wall of shame
     ![Wall/Hall of shame](

Public list of requests sorted
     ![public requests](

Agency page (include viz of their history)
     ![Agency page](

List of agencies
     ![agency list](

Wiki section of agency page?

FOIA info for my state/agency/locality
     ![FOIA rules](


I really like Django 1.4's staticfiles. It's an app in this 1.3 project. Use it in a template like this.

{% load static from staticfiles %}
{% static 'images/birddog_example.png' %}

Url templatetag

I also like the newer treatment of the url templatetag.

{% load url from future %}
{% url 'named_url_route' %}
{% url or_a_variable %}
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