A testable Python skeleton application for Google's App Engine and AppScale environments
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A testable Python skeleton application for Google App Engine and AppScale environments


Being unable to properly unit-test my App Engine applications has been a major annoyance for me and a big turn-off for the platform. With these in place, running tests is as trivial as running nose. This tree was extracted from a larger project that makes use of it.

Setting up your development environment

There is a setup.sh script in the root directory. Running it will build a virtualenv in the .env folder, download the App Engine SDK, build the appropriate .pth files for your machine and install all requirements from the resources/requirements.txt file.

Please check it before running. It may not make sense for your machine.

When done, you can activate your virtualenv with the usual source .env/bin/activate or your favorite virtualenv tool. The tests will not function outside the local virtualenv.

Your app should go in the src folder. Run your application using the dev_appserver.py script as usual.


There are tests in the tests folder. The sanity_test.py checks whether everything is sane after you set up the environment.


File a bug report, fork it, PEP-8 it, test it, and, if it works, send a pull request. When in doubt, get in touch. We'll figure out what needs to be done.