KCC (a.k.a. Kindle Comic Converter) is a comic and manga converter for ebook readers.
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Kindle Comic Converter is a Python app to convert comic/manga files or folders to EPUB, Panel View MOBI or E-Ink optimized CBZ. It was initially developed for Kindle but since version 4.6 it outputs valid EPUB 3.0 so despite its name, KCC is actually a comic/manga to EPUB converter that every e-reader owner can happily use. It can also optionally optimize images by applying a number of transformations.

A word of warning

KCC is not Amazon's Kindle Comic Creator nor is in any way endorsed by Amazon. Amazon's tool is for comic publishers and involves a lot of manual effort, while KCC is for comic/manga readers. KC2 in no way is a replacement for KCC so you can be quite confident we'll going to carry on developing our little monster ;-)

Issues / new features / donations

If you have general questions about usage, feedback etc. please post it here. If you have some technical problems using KCC please file an issue here. If you can fix an open issue, fork & make a pull request.

If you find KCC valuable you can consider donating to the authors:

  • Ciro Mattia Gonano:
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  • Paweł Jastrzębski:
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    • Bitcoin: 1W15wwqsfd7wbaZ6wvSJf1LW1bz6q5L8b


You can find the latest released binary at the following links:


Following software is required to run Linux version of KCC and/or bare sources:

On Debian based distributions these two commands should install all needed dependencies:

sudo apt-get install python3 python3-dev python3-pip libpng-dev libjpeg-dev p7zip-full unrar
sudo pip3 install --upgrade pillow python-slugify psutil scandir raven pyqt5

Optional dependencies

  • KindleGen v2.9+ in a directory reachable by your PATH or in KCC directory (For MOBI generation)
  • UnRAR (For CBR/RAR support)
  • 7za (For 7z/CB7 support)


KCC can understand and convert, at the moment, the following input types:

  • Folders containing: PNG, JPG or GIF files
  • CBZ, ZIP
  • CBR, RAR (With unrar executable)
  • CB7, 7Z (With 7za executable)
  • PDF (Only extracting JPG images)


Should be pretty self-explanatory. All options have detailed informations in tooltips. After completed conversion you should find ready file alongside the original input file (same directory).

Please check our wiki for more details.

CLI version of KCC is intended for power users. It is not idiot-proof like GUI :-)

Standalone kcc-c2e.py usage:

Usage: kcc-c2e [options] comic_file|comic_folder

    -p PROFILE, --profile=PROFILE
                        Device profile (Available options: K1, K2, K3, K45, KDX,
                        KPW, KV, KoMT, KoG, KoGHD, KoA, KoAHD, KoAH2O, KoAO) [Default=KV]
    -m, --manga-style   Manga style (right-to-left reading and splitting)
    -w, --webtoon       Webtoon processing mode

    -o OUTPUT, --output=OUTPUT
                        Output generated file to specified directory or file
    -t TITLE, --title=TITLE
                        Comic title [Default=filename or directory name]
    -f FORMAT, --format=FORMAT
                        Output format (Available options: Auto, MOBI, EPUB, CBZ)
    -b, --batchsplit    Split output into multiple files

    -u, --upscale       Resize images smaller than device's resolution
    -s, --stretch       Stretch images to device's resolution
    -r SPLITTER, --splitter=SPLITTER
                        Double page parsing mode. 0: Split 1: Rotate 2: Both [Default=0]
    -g GAMMA, --gamma=GAMMA
                        Apply gamma correction to linearize the image [Default=Auto]
    --hq                Enable high quality Panel View
    --blackborders      Disable autodetection and force black borders
    --whiteborders      Disable autodetection and force white borders
    --forcecolor        Don't convert images to grayscale
    --forcepng          Create PNG files instead JPEG
                        Set cropping mode. 0: Disabled 1: Margins 2: Margins +
                        page numbers [Default=2]
                        Set margin cropping threshold [Default=0.1]
                        Set page number cropping threshold [Default=5.0]

                        Replace screen width provided by device profile
                        Replace screen height provided by device profile

    -h, --help          Show this help message and exit

Standalone kcc-c2p.py usage:

Usage: kcc-c2p [options] comic_folder

    -y HEIGHT, --height=HEIGHT
                        Height of the target device screen
    -i, --in-place      Overwrite source directory
    -m, --merge         Combine every directory into a single image before splitting

    -d, --debug         Create debug file for every splitted image
    -h, --help          Show this help message and exit


KCC is made by Ciro Mattia Gonano and Paweł Jastrzębski.

This script born as a cross-platform alternative to KindleComicParser by Dc5e (published here).

The app relies and includes the following scripts:




  • Added Kobo Aura ONE profile
  • Fixed few small bugs


  • Fixed error reporting


  • Fixed multiple GUI bugs


  • GUI now can be resized and high DPI support was somewhat improved
  • Added profile for Kindle Oasis
  • Implemented new error reporting mechanism
  • CLI version now support additional cropping options
  • Fixed permission issues on Windows
  • Fixed multiple smaller issues


  • Fixed Panel View placement issues
  • Decreased application startup time
  • Fixed multiple smaller issues


  • Major overhaul of internal mechanisms and GUI
  • Added cover upload feature
  • Tweaked Webtoon parsing mode
  • Fixed multiple smaller issues
  • Migrated build enviroment to PyInstaller


  • Fixed multiple Windows and OS X issues
  • Allowed Linux release to use older PyQT5 version


  • Fixed multiple Windows specific problems
  • Improved error handling
  • Improved color detection algorithm
  • New, slimmer OS X release


  • Implemented remote bug reporting
  • Minor bug fixes and GUI tweaks


  • Fixed critical MOBI header bug
  • Fixed metadata encoding error


  • Fixed KEPUB TOC generator
  • Added warning about too small input files
  • ComicRack Summary metadata field is now parsed
  • Small tweaks of KEPUB output


  • KEPUB is now default output for all Kobo profiles
  • EPUB output now produce fully valid EPUB 3.0.1
  • Added profile for Kindle Paperwhite 3
  • Dropped official support of all Kindle Fire models and Kindle for Android
  • Other minor tweaks


  • Added Kobo Glo HD profile
  • Fixed RAR/CBR parsing anomalies
  • Minor bug fixes and tweaks


  • Added simple ComicRack metadata editor
  • Re-enabled Manga Cover Database support
  • ComicRack bookmarks are now parsed
  • Fixed glitches in Kindle Voyage profile
  • Fixed problems with directory locks on Windows
  • Fixed sorting anomalies
  • Improved conversion speed


  • Fixed problems with OSX GUI
  • Added one missing DLL to Windows installer


  • Improved speed and quality of conversion
  • Added RAR5 support
  • Dropped BMP and TIFF support
  • Fixed some WebToon mode bugs
  • Fixed CBR parsing on OSX


  • Fixed Kindle Voyage profile
  • Fixed some bugs in OS X release
  • CLI version now support multiple input files at once
  • Disabled MCB support
  • Other minor tweaks


  • Added profiles for Kindle Voyage and Kobo Aura H2O
  • Added missing features to CLI version
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • Improved margin color detection
  • Fixed random crashes of MOBI processing step
  • Fixed resizing problems in high quality mode
  • Fixed some MCD support bugs
  • Default output format for Kindle DX is now CBZ


  • Added Manga Cover Database support
  • Officially dropped Windows XP support
  • Fixed Other profile
  • Fixed problems with page order on stock KOBO CBZ reader
  • Many other small bug fixes and tweaks


  • Thanks to code contributed by Kevin Hendricks speed of MOBI creation was greatly increased
  • Improved performance on Windows
  • Improved MOBI splitting and changed maximal size of output file
  • Fixed No optimization mode
  • Multiple small tweaks nad minor bug fixes


  • Fixed some Windows and OSX specific bugs
  • Fixed problem with marigns when using HQ mode


  • Fixed file lock problems that plagued some Windows users
  • Fixed content server failing to start on Windows
  • Improved performance of WebToon splitter
  • Tweaked margin color detection


  • KCC now use Python 3.3 and Qt 5.2
  • Full UTF-8 awareness
  • CBZ output now support Manga mode
  • Improved Panel View support and margin color detection
  • Added drag&drop support
  • Output directory can be now selected
  • Windows release now have auto-updater
  • Names of chapters on Kindle should be now more user friendly
  • Fixed OSX file association support
  • Many extensive internal changes and tweaks


  • Fixed problems with HQ mode


  • Hotfixed Kobo profiles


  • Added profiles for KOBO devices
  • Improved Panel View support
  • Improved WebToon splitter
  • Improved margin color autodetection
  • Tweaked EPUB output
  • Fixed stretching option
  • GUI tweaks and minor bugfixes


  • Fixed previous PNG output fix
  • Fixed Panel View anomalies


  • Fixed PNG output


  • Increased quality of Panel View zoom
  • Creation of multipart MOBI output is now faster on machines with 4GB+ RAM
  • Automatic gamma correction now distinguishes color and grayscale images
  • Added ComicRack metadata parser
  • Implemented new method to detect border color in non-webtoon comics
  • Upscaling is now enabled by default for Kindle Fire HD/HDX
  • Windows nad Linux releases now have tray icon
  • Fixed Kindle Fire HDX 7" output
  • Increased target resolution for Kindle DX/DXG CBZ output


  • Added simple content server - Converted files can be now delivered wireless
  • Added proper Windows installer
  • Improved multiprocessing speed
  • GUI tweaks and minor bug fixes


  • Improved PNG output
  • Increased quality of upscaling
  • Added support of file association - KCC can now open CBZ, CBR, CB7, ZIP, RAR, 7Z and PDF files directly
  • Paths that contain UTF-8 characters are now supported
  • Migrated to new version of Pillow library
  • Merged DX and DXG profiles
  • Many other minor bug fixes and GUI tweaks


  • Margins are now automatically omitted in Panel View mode
  • Margin color fill is now autodetected
  • Created MOBI files are not longer marked as Personal on newer Kindle models
  • Layout of panels in Panel View mode is now automatically adjusted to content
  • Fixed Kindle 2/DX/DXG profiles - no more blank pages
  • All Kindle Fire profiles now support hiqh quality Panel View
  • Added support of 7z/CB7 files
  • Added Kindle Fire HDX profile
  • Support for Virtual Panel View was removed
  • Profiles for Kindle Keyboard, Touch and Non-Touch are now merged
  • Windows release is now bundled with UnRAR and 7za
  • Small GUI tweaks


  • Too big EPUB files are now splitted before conversion to MOBI
  • Added experimental parser of manga webtoons
  • Improved error handling


  • Hotfixed crash occurring on OS with Russian locale


  • Added profile: Kindle for Android
  • Add file/directory dialogs now support multiselect
  • Many small fixes and tweaks


  • New QT GUI
  • Merge with AWKCC
  • Added ultra quality mode
  • Added support for custom width/height
  • Added option to disable color conversion


  • Multiprocessing support
  • Kindle Fire support (color EPUB/MOBI)
  • Panel View support for horizontal content
  • Fixed panel order for horizontal pages when --rotate is enabled
  • Disabled cropping and page number cutting for blank pages
  • Fixed some slugify issues with specific file naming conventions (#50, #51)


  • Added support for generating a plain CBZ (skipping all the EPUB/MOBI generation) (#45)
  • Prevent output file overwriting the source one: if a duplicate name is detected, append _kcc to the name
  • Rarfile library updated to 2.6
  • Added GIF, TIFF and BMP to supported formats (#42)
  • Filenames slugifications (#28, #31, #9, #8)


  • Updated rarfile library
  • Panel View support + HQ support (#36) - new option: --nopanelviewhq
  • Split profiles for K4NT and K4T
  • Rewrite of Landscape Mode support (huge readability improvement for KPW)
  • Upscale use now BILINEAR method
  • Added generic CSS file
  • Optimized archive extraction for zip/rar files (#40)


  • Lots of GUI improvements (#27, #13)
  • Added gamma support within --gamma option (defaults to profile-specified gamma) (#26, #27)
  • Added --nodithering option to prevent dithering optimizations (#27)
  • EPUB margins support (#30)
  • Fixed no file added if file has no spaces on Windows (#25)
  • Gracefully exit if unrar missing (#15)
  • Do not call kindlegen if source EPUB is bigger than 320MB (#17)
  • Get filetype from magic number (#14)
  • PDF conversion works again


  • Added --rotate option to rotate landscape images instead of splitting them (#16, #24)
  • Added --output option to customize EPUB output dir/file (#22)
  • Add rendition:layout and rendition:orientation EPUB meta tags (supported by new kindlegen 2.8)
  • Fixed natural sorting for files (#18)


  • Added --black-borders option to set added borders black when page's ratio is not the device's one (#11).
  • Fixes EPUB containing zipped itself (#10)


  • Use temporary directory as workdir (fixes converting from external volumes and zipfiles renaming)
  • Fixed "add folders" from GUI.


  • Fixed win32 EPUB generation, folder handling, filenames with spaces and subfolders


  • Added (valid!) EPUB 2.0 output
  • Rename .zip files to .cbz to avoid overwriting


  • Added basic error reporting


  • GUI! AppleScript is gone and Tk is used to provide cross-platform GUI support.


  • Added subfolder support for multiple chapters.


  • Fixed a serious bug on resizing when img ratio was bigger than device one


  • Added some options for controlling image optimization
  • Further optimization (ImageOps, page numbering cut, autocontrast)


  • Fixed an issue in OPF generation for device resolution
  • Reworked options system (call with -h option to get the inline help)


  • Comic optimizations! Split pages not target-oriented (landscape with portrait target or portrait with landscape target), add palette and other image optimizations from Mangle. WARNING: PIL is required for all image mangling!


  • Added support for CBZ/CBR files in Kindle Comic Converter


  • Added support for CBZ/CBR files in comic2ebook.py


  • Initial version


KCC is initiating internet connections in three cases:

  • During startup - Version check
  • When MCD metadata are used - Cover download
  • When error occurs - Automatic reporting


Please check wiki page.


Copyright (c) 2012-2016 Ciro Mattia Gonano and Paweł Jastrzębski. KCC is released under ISC LICENSE; see LICENSE.txt for further details.