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China Dictatorship Media

Keeping in a separate repo to keep the clone lightweight.

The images were previously stored in the Wayback Machine, but we decided to clone them here because the Wayback Machine is blocked in China.

As mentioned at: when viewing in GitHub’s camo likely allows the images to be viewed regardless of the GFW.

However, is not acceptable as the only view because it cuts up the input source at a limit. Therefore, by using GitHub to serve the images, they remain visible on, which goes not use GitHub camo system. And once that gets blocked, the images will still be visible on the manual website download.

Each image is properly sourced and documented at, and the source is always archived in Wayback Machine.

Original import command on china-dictatorship e39d01809e4cadeb717a4fdeeb370cd6e52ac239:

grep image::https ../china-dictatorship/README.adoc | perl -lap -e 's/image:://;s/\[height.*//' | sort -u > urls.txt
wget -i urls.txt
rm urls.txt

Manually handle same basename duplicates:

perl -lap -e 's/.*\///;s/\?.*//' urls.txt

and then finish the rename:

rename 's/\?.*//' *

Now do some more manual work, and also update README.adoc:

  • resolve any conflicts manually due to the ? removal

  • add extensions to any images without extension

    ls | grep -Ev png | grep -Ev jpg | grep -Ev jpeg | grep -Ev JPG | grep -Ev webp | grep -Ev gif | grep -Ev svg

Finally update the README.adoc:

perl -pi -e 's/image::http.*\//image::http{china-dictatorship-media-base}\//' ../china-dictatorship/README.adoc
perl -pi -e 's/(image::http.*)\?.*[height/$1[/' ../china-dictatorship/README.adoc

After the original import, a quick website benchmark was made. GitHub serves images much faster than the Wayback Machine, but it also rate limits much faster, before all of can be loaded, and many image downloads would fail. So at the same we migrated the images here, we also hacked Asciidoctor templates with loading="lazy", to only load images as they are hovered, thus solving that problem, and saving GitHub some bandwidth.

If we see some glaring typo, we do a rename keeping both for now to not break old images, but might give up one day, uses


Bundle all images vertically side by side with a 2MB size limit for Stack Exchange upload:


Change the maximum size, e.g. to produce a single huge image:

./ 999999999999

but that fails due to ImageMagick or image format limitations.

The output images are present under ./bundle, e.g. ./bundle/00.jpg, etc.

Any individual images larger than the maximum size are ignored.

The limit is maintained by starting with images such that the sum of their sizes does not go over the limit. Then if the merged image does, we remove one from the list and retry until we go under the limit.