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remove disqus, link to plotting software survey

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cirosantilli committed May 4, 2019
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@@ -36,8 +36,7 @@ gems:
- jekyll-redirect-from

# Data.
comments: true
comments: false
files_path: files/
@@ -83,7 +83,6 @@
{% endcomment %}
<a class="nav" href=""><i class="fa fa-question-circle fa-fw"></i>Zhihu 知乎</a>
<a class="nav" href=""><i class="fa fa-weibo fa-fw"></i>Weibo 微博</a>
<a class="nav" href="mailto:{{ }}"><i class="fa fa-envelope-o fa-fw"></i>Email</a>
{% comment %}
I don't use this often enough, it likely won't work :-)
<a class="nav" href="/key.asc"><i class="fa fa-key fa-fw"></i>Public key</a>
@@ -135,16 +134,23 @@ <h1 class="page-title">{{ page.title }}</h1>
<p>Content licence: <a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a> unless otherwise noted on the article.</p>
<p>Website powered by <a href="">Jekyll</a> and <a href="">GitHub Pages</a>. Source at: <a href="{{ repo_url }}">{{ repo_url }}</a></p>
<p>To contact me publicly about any subject, including website suggestions, please <a href="{{ repo_url }}/issues/new">create a GitHub issue</a>.</p>
<p>To contact me publicly about any general subject, including saying hi or suggestions about this website, please <a href="{{ repo_url }}/issues/new">create a GitHub issue in the repo</a>.</p>
For comments about China, please first read
<a href="">the FAQ</a> and
<a href="">the CONTRIBUTING</a> and then
<a href="">create a GitHub issue in the china-dictatorship repo</a>.
<p>If you absolutely need private contact, extract my email from my GitHub repos or use LinkedIn.</p>
<p>Disqus was removed from this website in 2019-05-04, a manual dump is <a href="">available here</a>.</p>
<p>Opinions and content are my own, not my employer's.</p>
{% if site.comments or page.comments %}
<div class="comments">
<div class="title">Comments</div>
{% if page.url == '/' %}
Hello! I've locked Disqus comments here because it does not scale well enough.
If you have a comment about China, please first read
<a href="">the FAQ</a> and
<a href="">contributing guidelines</a> and then
@@ -76,6 +76,8 @@ Short focused articles. Updates on Twitter: <{{site.twitter}}>
- [How to set up the Eclipse for remote C debugging with gdbserver?](
- Hardware
- [Are there good open source standard cell libraries to learn IC synthesis with EDA tools?](
- Scientific software
- [A survey of open source interactive plotting software with a 10 million point scatter plot benchmark on Ubuntu 18.10](

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