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Discussion made simple.
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Discussion made simple. Cirro is a lightweight, clean and free alternative to forums such as xenForo and MyBB. It's open source, and will always stay 100% free to use for any use-case.


This will be updated as development progresses.

  • Support for any kind of persistent or non-persistent database
  • Easy customization of design and themes

Why make another?

There's really no answer to this. Cirro is born from a couple of ideas being collected together to form a mockup a while ago, which lead to the idea of making forum sofware with no specific target audience, leaving it open for extension, customization and use in many different cases.

Cirro is also an unfunded, open source project, which means while it won't have the support and updates providec commercial-level like xenForo, it's open to the community to improve and add to it.


Cirro is in early development, and currently has no public releases available.

However, if you would like to run it during development, fork this repository, install the dependencies, and run npm start to start a local instance on port 80 (configurable). Cirro depends on a recent version of node.js, and git being installed.


Cirro is built with express, ejs, Bulma and a bunch of other packages & modules found here. Icons are provided by Font Awesome.


(c) 2019 ThatTonybo. Licenced under the GNU GPL-3.0 Licence, see the LICENCE file for more information.

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