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- move to buildroot 2015.05 adjusting makefile and build appropriately.
- use Ubuntu 16.04 kernels (4.4.0)
- enable architectures ppc64, ppc64le, aarch64
- respect init= parameter
- growpart/growroot: resize partition while mounted with newer growpart.
default to background resizing of root filesystem.
- handle local subnet routes correctly (LP: #1369367)
- Add support for UEFI booting on AArch64 and x86-64 architectures.
[Marcin Juszkiewicz]
- update ca-certificates.crt to mozilla trunk as of 2016-07-21.
- arm/aarch64: put a getty on ttyAMAO.
- set default password to 'gocubsgo' (LP: #1454144)
- Improve tooling for IPv6 and network debugging [Jens Rosenboom]
- make 'nc -ll' work again. [Jens Rosenboom]
- set default timezone to UTC
- powerpc builds
- kernel: update to latest released Ubuntu 12.04 kernel (3.2.0-80.116).
- Wrap udhcpc to provide for easier passing of options including
those required to get MTU set properly. [Harm Weites] (LP: #1301958)
- Busybox: enable nc flags '-s ADDR', '-n', '-u', '-o FILE', -z.
- kernel: update to latest released Ubuntu 12.04 kernel (
- Recognize failure when getting entries from ec2 metadata service,
especially annoying on 'ec2metadata --public-keys' (LP: #1148165)
- fix bug on ec2 metadata service if no public keys available.
Problem was that 404 was not being recognized (LP: #1148165)
- do not mount / as rw if already mounted rw. in lxc this generated
additional and irrelevant noise on console.
- fix 'is_lxc' to work correctly.
- support 'seed' data from /var/lib/cloud/seed for nocloud and
configdrive sources.
- fix random and urandom device entries to be character rather
than block devices.
- if running in lxc (not libvirt-lxc), start getty on /dev/console
- add usr/share/udhcpc/default.script which helps better control
what happens on dhcp ifup.
- support executing /etc/rc.local
- set hostname from datasource (LP: #1132686)
- fix bad entry for 'ftp' user in /etc/group (LP: #1222951)
- support static routes provided in dhcp data (LP: #1190372)
- support resizing root filesystem (LP: #1261710) but disable
by default. resizing can be enabled via file injection.
- provide more information in cirros-sysinfo [Harm Weites]
- move to buildroot 2012.05 (busybox 1.20.1)
- build on Ubuntu 12.04
- support https client via curl/openssl (LP: #918702)
- support mounting of vfat filesystems (LP: #929841)
- support acpi shutdown (LP: #944151)
- ec2metadata: remove double '/' in --public-keys requests (LP: #992492)
- upgrade kernel to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS kernel (3.2.0-25.40)