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- consider moving to yocto or micro-core linux
- micro-core:
- eglibc based, yet tiny size
- packages made by others easily downloaded and used
- no arm arch, and no public build system, so how would you build arm?
- yocto:
- eglibc based
- could potentially use ubuntu debs or easily re-use binary packages
- some sort of "build-release"
- that would do all the release build cleanly
- download files, build, create release output
- get-deps with config
- get-deps conf/foo.conf (default 'dev')
get-deps conf/0.3.conf
- downloads kernels and buildroot and checksums
- automated testing on kvm and lxc
- configdrive support (openstack) and support for reading data from ISO
- add script for 'get-extra-modules'
that would download modules from launchpad