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Dec 12, 2018
Release 0.3.6
Nov 20, 2017
Add stream data and creation of metadata for lxd and -lxc.tar.xz.
This adds a lxd.tar.xz metadata file and also the information in the
stream output so that cirros can be utilized by lxd.  As the needed
files (-lxc.tar.xz and -lxd.tar.xz) are purely new content, the change to
mirror-dump-sstream-data allows us to create them for old releases.

A small re-factor in mirror-dump-sstream-data was required to more
easily create missing -lxd.tar.gz and -lxd.tar.xz and get the
data to create the combined_rootxz_sha256 information.

Once this is published, we'll be able to do:
  lxc remote add --public --protocol=simplestreams cirros \
  lxc launch cirros:0.4.0

and also:
  lxc launch cirros:0.4.0 "--config=user.user-data=$(cat user-data.txt)"
Oct 10, 2017
doc: update create-release for tag different than version
Feb 14, 2017
bin/mirror-dump-sstream-data: update for git
Update this release data script to support git.
Apr 22, 2015
update kernel
Apr 22, 2015
update kernel
Sep 8, 2014
update kernel
Sep 5, 2014
README, doc/create-release.txt: remove cvs from installed programs
Mar 17, 2014
update versions to be 0.3.2
Mar 16, 2014
update kernel version
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