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@smoser smoser released this Mar 3, 2020

Version updates

  • BuildRoot 2019.02.1
  • Linux kernel 5.3.0-26.28~18.04.1 for aarch64, arm, i386, ppc64le, x86_64 (Ubuntu 18.04 HWE)
  • grub 2.02-2ubuntu8.14 for same archs as above
  • powerpc and ppc64 targets uses older kernel/grub as they are not supported by Ubuntu 18.04
  • updated SSL certificates

Requirements changes

  • VM instances running CirrOS should have at least 128 MB of memory to be usable

VirtIO changes

  • VirtIO GPU support to have graphical console support on wider selection of architectures
  • VirtIO RNG support to have more entropy
  • VirtIO input, 9pnet support

Kernel modules

  • no more 'no kernel module found' messages
  • printing list of loaded modules
  • handle USB input devices - required for AArch64 architecture

Dropbear changes:

  • dropped generation of DSS keys - dropbear does not support them
  • show ECDSA ssh key right after RSA one
  • create directory for ssh keys so it is possible to remotely login into an instance

Project changes

  • migrated from Launchpad to GitHub
  • enabled Travis CI for pull requests and releases
    • added IRC notifications to Travis CI
    • CI test run ends after all start scripts
  • image downloads from are now redirected to content on to take advantage of its CDN. This will prevent slow downloads or timeouts that occurred at times (#12).
    Please continue to use as the canonical source for cirros images.
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