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Anka Controller has it's own REST API which is very basic. Out of the box it lacks two important features:

  1. Authorization. There is no built-in way to secure Controller's API endpoint.
  2. Startup script. There is no option to provide a startup script when creating a VM.

This project aim to solve these issues. It provides a Docker container that can connect to an Anka Controller through a VPN and exposes a GRPC service that has authorization and supports creating VMs with a custom startup script.


ACE Docker Container has openconnect VPN client pre-installed. If your Anka Controller is in a separate VPN from ACE, then you need not to forget to provide ANYCONNECT_* environment variables when running the container. Also you need to run the container in privileged mode for VPN to work.


Since Anka Controller Extended (ACE) is packed into a Docker Container it's very easy to run it on any platform. In this section, we'll use Google Cloud as an example.

First things first, we need to create an environment variables file with all the information needed for ACE.

ANYCONNECT_USER=<Optional username to use to connect to VPN>
ANYCONNECT_PASSWORD=<Optional password to use to connect to VPN>
ANKA_HOST=<Required IP of Anka's Controller API endpoint>
ANKA_PORT=<Required PORT of Anka's Controller API endpoint. Usually port 80 is used.>
ACCESS_TOKEN=<Optional secret access token for authorization of clients>

If you are planning to use ACE with Cirrus CI, you need to make sure to publicly expose ACE. One way to do so is to reserve a static IP address and use it via --address when creating ACE instance. Please refer to documentation for more details.

Now let's create a Google Compute instance from cirruslabs/anka-controller-extended container with our custom environment variables file:

gcloud beta compute instances create-with-container anka-controller-extended \
     --container-image \
     --tags anka-controller \
     --container-privileged \
     --address $STATIC_IP \
     --container-env-file $PATH_TO_ENV_FILE

Now we need to create a firewall rule to allow incoming traffic for 8239 port.

gcloud compute firewall-rules create allow-grpc \
    --allow tcp:8239 --target-tags anka-controller

Testing locally

docker run --privileged \
  -p 8080:8080 -p 8081:8081 -p 8239:8239 \
  --env-file $PATH_TO_ENV_FILE \

Published Kotlin Libraries

This repository also provides two Kotlin libraries that can be integrated in other projects. To use them please add Cirrus Labs' Maven repository like this:

// build.gradle
repositories {
    maven {
        url  "" 

Anka SDK Anks SDK

sdk module represents a Kotlin rewrite of Anka SDK from Anka's Jenkins Plugin.

Controller Client Controller Client

This library allows to create a GRPC client for ACE. Here is an example:

val channel = ManagedChannelBuilder.forTarget("<IP>:8239")
val client = ClientFactory.create(channel)
val request = VMStatusRequest.newBuilder()


Bridge for Anka Controller's API to expend functionality




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