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Web Front-End for Cirrus CI

Build Status

Front end for Cirrus CI that uses Relay framework to minimize the amount of business logic.

Development Guide

  • Run yarn to install all external dependencies.
  • Run yarn bootstrap to compile all GraphQL queries and mutations and to sync the schema.

After everything is prepared, run npm start to start a local server. All changes will be instantly ready to view in your browser.

Running Production Build Locally

Running a production build locally might be useful for testing large refactoring or major upgrades. In order to do so please build a Docker image locally and then simply run the image via Docker CLI:

docker run -p 8080:8080 cirrusci/web-front-end:latest

Authentication from localhost

In order to authenticate with from locally running Cirrus CI Web, login on, and remove the Same-Site restrictions for cirrusUserId and cirrusAuthToken cookies (for, on Firefox this means setting Secure to false). (EditThisCookie works just fine for it).

Productivity Tips

Disable Type Checking temporarily

This app is written in TypeScript and whenever TypeScript finds a static type error it will display an "error overlay" in the browser which prevents you "seeing" the app even if it was compilable to JS. Sometimes during quick experimentation this can be annoying. Therefore you can disable typechecking temporarily by running the app with:

$ npm run start-untyped


If you happen to use VSCode, here are some recommended extensions which work well with this app:

  • Visual Studio IntelliCode - provides AI based code completion
  • GraphQL (prisma.vscode-graphql) - provides syntax highlighting for GraphQL queries


You can also use Gitpod, an online IDE perfect for developing this app. Once you have forked the repository, navigate to Gitpod will automatically setup the workspace and open it for you.