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Packer templates to build Mac OS Anka images to use in CI:

  • mojave-base image has only brew pre-installed
  • mojave-xcode-10.0 image is based of mojave-base and has only Xcode 10.0 pre-installed

Building Base Image

First, run ./scripts/ to install Anka builder for Packer.

To build the base image (you need to have /Applications/Install macOS High installed from App Store):

packer build templates/mojave-base.json

We also need to add a port forwarding rule so VMs based of mojave-base image can be SSHable:

anka modify mojave-base add port-forwarding --host-port 0 --guest-port 22 --protocol tcp ssh

Building Xcode Images

To build an Xcode image (don't forget to setup FASTLANE_USER and FASTLANE_PASSWORD since they are required by xcode-install):

packer build -var xcode_version="10.1" templates/mojave-xcode.json