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Tart is a virtualization toolset to build, run and manage macOS and Linux virtual machines (VMs) on Apple Silicon. Built by CI engineers for your automation needs. Here are some highlights of Tart:

  • Tart uses Apple's own Virtualization.Framework for near-native performance.
  • Push/Pull virtual machines from any OCI-compatible container registry.
  • Use Tart Packer Plugin to automate VM creation.
  • Built-in CI integration.

Tart is already adopted by several automation services:

Many more companies are using Tart in their internal setups. Here are a few of them:

Note: If your company or project is using Tart please consider adding yourself to the list above.


Try running a Tart VM on your Apple Silicon device running macOS 12.0 (Monterey) or later (will download a 25 GB image):

brew install cirruslabs/cli/tart
tart clone ventura-base
tart run ventura-base

Please check the official documentation for more information and/or feel free to use discussions for remaining questions.