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Installation guide

In this guide you'll find instructions on installing LIME-server, which is the server-side component of the LIME editor.


  • Node.js >= v8.0
  • A running MongoDb instance
  • Java (Optional, needed by Saxon XSLT processor and Epub generation)
  • Abiword (Optional, .doc conversion)
  • A running ExistDb instance (Optional)


git clone
cd lime-server
npm install



port: the port you want to run LIME-server on


  "mongodb": { // MongoDb configuration
    "url": "mongodb://localhost:9006/documentsdb", // MongoDb url
      "collections": {
        "users": "dev_users" // Collection name for users
  "filesystem": { // Filesystem backend configuration
    // Path of documents: each users can access his folder in this directory
    // plus all folders in "users.shared_folders"
    "documents": "../data/documents/"
  "users": {
    "shared_folders": [
      "/shared/" // List of folders shared by all users
  "existIsMainBackend": true, // Wheter or not to use ExistDb as the main backend
  "existdb": { // ExistDb backend configuration
    "host": "localhost",
    "port": 8080,
    "rest": "/exist/rest",
    "baseCollection": "/lime_test",
    "auth": "username:password"
  "abiword": {
    "path": "/usr/bin/abiword" // Path to abiword executable


node server

Lime configuration

Follow instructions here.

Short version: serve LIME on a web server and modify the server.node config in /config.json.

"node": "http://<your-domain>:<your-port>/",