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import os
import time
### Sessions are basically caches
def generate_session_id():
"""Returns random 32 bit string for cache id
return os.urandom(32).encode('hex')
### Cache storage
class BaseCacheStore(object):
"""Ram based cache storage. Essentially uses a dictionary stored in
the app to store cache id => serialized cache data
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
super(BaseCacheStore, self).__init__(**kwargs)
self._cache_store = dict()
def save(self, key, data, expire=None):
"""Save the cache data and metadata to the backend storage
if necessary, as defined by self.dirty == True. On successful
save set dirty to False.
cache_item = {
'key_id': key,
'data': data,
'expire': expire,
self._cache_store[key] = cache_item
def load(self, key):
"""Load the stored data from storage backend or return None if the
session was not found. Stale cookies are treated as empty.
if key in self._cache_store:
data = self._cache_store[key]
# It's an in memory cache, so we must manage
if data.get('expire', None) and data['expire'] > time.time():
return data
return None
return None
def delete(self, key):
"""Remove all data for the `key` from storage.
if key in self._cache_store:
del self._cache_store[key]
def delete_expired(self):
"""Deletes sessions with timestamps in the past from storage.
del_keys = list()
for key, data in self._cache_store.items():
if data.get('expire', None) and data['expire'] < time.time():
map(self.delete, del_keys)