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Rails Template

This file contains Rails templates that we use at Jayway.

It is used to create a new project with Jayway specific defaults. It creates the Rails structure, runs "bundle install", runs the generators and then checks it all into a new Git repository. It also downloads files from this directory for setting up spork and livereload.


rails new NAME -m http://github.com/andersjanmyr/jayway-templates/raw/master/rails_template.rb



  • rpec and rspec-rails, replaces test_unit
  • factory_girl replaces yaml-fixtures
  • The spec_helper is setup for using Spork.
  • An .rspec is created setup for using --drb
  • Qunit is installed in public/javascripts/test


  • HAML replaces ERB
  • SimpleForm for forms
  • Default templates for all views are in lib/templates/haml.
  • SASS, with the new dialect SCCS replaces CSS, files are in app/stylesheets.
  • jQuery and jQuery UI, replaces PrototypeJS


The application layout file is setup with a basic structure and configured for using device.


Two extra tasks are added:

  • heroku:info, information about how I usually setup up Heroku
  • rspec, since I mistype rake rspec instead of rake spec

The Gemfile

The Gemfile contains commonly used gems, rails_admin is included but currently commented out since it is still in active development.


An initializer for setting up SASS with Heroku is included. The Sass files need to be generated in the tmp directory on Heroku. Additionaly Rack::Static middleware is added to tell Rails to server the stylesheets from this directory.