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Ransomware Readiness Assessment CSET v10.3

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@inlguy inlguy released this 28 Jun 23:17
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Please note we do not use java and are not vulnerable to the log4j vulnerability.

After review we do use log4net but are not using log4j

Download the installer file

Download CSETStandAlone.exe

Algorithm : SHA256
Hash : D7FBBEE8542D81B40E8E1D7D4AB1DC65D4EDBCB63248B1A080DE953D77BCA90B
Path : CSETStandAlone.exe

Accessing the Ransomware Readiness Assessment (RRA)

To use the RRA first follow the CSET installation instructions to properly install CSET.

Then do the following:

  1. Login or start the CSET application
  2. Start a new assessment

 create assessment

Figure: New Assessment

  1. Select Maturity Model within the Assessment Configuration screen (this is the first screen you're presented with after selecting "New Assessment")

 select maturity model

Figure: Select Maturity Model

  1. Select Ransomware Readiness Assessment from the Maturity Model screen

 select maturity model

Figure: Select Ransomware Readiness Assessment

  1. Now you are set to complete the RRA assessment. Review the tutorial for additional instruction or the RRA guide found within the Help menu.