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President's Cup Cybersecurity Competition Challenges


This repository contains cybersecurity challenges and virtual machine builds for the President's Cup Cybersecurity Competition. For more information about the President's Cup and why it was established, visit


All of the challenge content can be found in the respective year season directory. See the in each directory for more information about the respective competition.

Directory Year(s) Competition
/pc1 2019 President's Cup: Season 1
/pc2 2020-21 President's Cup: Season 2
/pc3 2021 President's Cup: Season 3
/pc4 2022 President's Cup: Season 4
/pc5 2024 President's Cup: Season 5

⚠️ Large Files ⚠️

Some of the challenges include large files as a separate download. See the in each challenge folder for the download location.

Open Source

This repository contains all challenge artifacts that are eligible for open source release. Some challenge files cannot not be released due to licensing restrictions or because they were designed to be delivered in a hosted environment.


Copyright 2022 Carnegie Mellon University. See the file for details.