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Reddit clone in Node and React
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Reddit clone using React components and PostgresQL database.

Special thanks to the #postgresql irc group for the immense help in my SQL!

Non-NPM Requirements

  • PostgresQL
  • iojs


  1. npm update
  2. psql -U postgres -a -f server/psql_scripts.sql to build PostgresQL schema
  3. npm run build to build *.bundle.js files.
  4. npm start


  • Caching queries to improve website load times.
  • Reducing size of webpack bundles.

React Components


This is to give a brief overview of what coding a component in React is like. To achieve this I will go over my code for a component in my project: the <UpvoteButton />.

React overview

React is a Javascript view library that pushes for a component based workflow based on immutable data. Immutable data is easy to reason about, which is important in a big project because you want to reduce as much complexity as you can.

React uses two types of data types:

  • State - mutable data
  • Props - immutable data

The way I do React components is to keep everything in props, so all the data in the scope of the component is immutable. React will not allow a prop value to be changed. I was able to use the <UpvoteButton /> component in both the <Post /> component and the <Comment /> component, just by passing different properties to it. The component's only job is to render the component from the data passed to it, and call functions based on user's actions and the component's prop values.

To illustrate this, let's take a closer look at the <UpvoteButton /> component:

UpvoteButton component

First I use the React createClass factory, and I pass in propTypes options to declare what the props are going to be passed in. I declare that these props are required, so that React can throw an error if they are not passed into the upvote button component. This ensures that all the data passed into the UpvoteButton is correct.

var UpvoteButton = React.createClass({
    propTypes: {
        upvoted            : React.PropTypes.bool.isRequired,
        onUpvote           : React.PropTypes.func.isRequired,
        onRemoveUpvote     : React.PropTypes.func.isRequired,
        targetId           : React.PropTypes.string.isRequired,
        upvoteImageURL     : React.PropTypes.string.isRequired,
        upvotedImageURL    : React.PropTypes.string.isRequired,
        defaultClassName   : React.PropTypes.string.isRequired

Let's look at the upvoted prop. This prop can either be true or false, but it can never be changed inside the component. When upvoted is true, I tell the UpvoteButton to render with my upvotedImageURL to show the image of an upvoted button. If false, I pick the upvoteImageURL, which is gray:

if (this.props.upvoted) {
    // render with orange upvoted image
    return this.props.upvotedImageURL;
} else {
    // render with gray un-upvoted image
    return this.props.upvoteImageURL;

Also, if upvoted is true, I make the UpvoteButton component call the onRemoveUpvote function on click. I also change the className based on the upvoted prop. This makes me able to easily select upvoted and not-upvoted components in CSS. Here is the code:

if (this.props.upvoted) {
    upvoteFunction = this.props.onRemoveUpvote;
    upvoteButtonClassName += " " + this.props.defaultClassName + "-upvoted";
} else {
    upvoteFunction = this.props.onUpvote;
    upvoteButtonClassName += " " + this.props.defaultClassName + "-not-upvoted";

Notice that in all these code snippets I never change the upvoted prop (because I can't - React will yell at me). The <UpvoteButton /> component is only responsible for rendering the correct images and pick the functions to call on click based on whatever its props are.

By defining all the data that an <UpvoteButton /> component would need, I was able to use the same <UpvoteButton /> component in both my posts and comments.

Components structure

So the way I do my reddit clone, for example take my PostsApp.jsx structure:

<PostsApp />                <-- Only place with mutable state. React automatically re-renders necessary child components based on state change.
    <Post />                <-- Immutable props. Gets data from <PostsApp />
        <UpvoteButton />    <-- Immutable props. Gets data from <Post />
        <PointsBanner />    <-- Immutable props. Gets data from <Post />

I also have all of my components in a single folder making my file structure clean. I use webpack so that I can require components into my apps.


In the end, the only state I ever use is in my <App /> components, and all that state is passed down to my props-only components. If you are interested in learning more, I highly recommend Facebook's React tutorial, as it gets you comfortable using props and states which are the bread and butter of React.

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