@hekra01 hekra01 released this Sep 12, 2016 · 10 commits to WD_1.X_dev since this release

  • Add build option to configure handling of repeast key:
    • if WD_CONFIG_ONE_KEYRELEASE : 1 then only the last key release of the repeat will be sent
    • if WD_CONFIG_ONE_KEYRELEASE : 0 then one key release is sent fo revery event of the repeat
$ cat wd.gypi
'variables': {
    'QT5': '1', # change to '0' to disable Qt5
    'WD_CONFIG_QWIDGET_BASE': '1', # 1 to support widget or hybrid web
    'WD_CONFIG_WEBKIT': '1', #1 to support Web views
    'WD_CONFIG_QUICK': '1', #1 to support QML
    'WD_BUILD_MONGOOSE': '1', #1 to inline mongoose code in WebDriver libraries. Leave as is.
    'WD_CONFIG_PLAYER': '0', #For Qt5 only. If the Qt build includes QtMultimedia, then setting this field to 1 will enable to driving QMediaPlayer. See https://github.com/cisco-open-source/qtwebdriver/wiki/Media-Commands
    'WD_CONFIG_ONE_KEYRELEASE': '0', # Set to 0 (default). On long key press WD will send as many key release as key press. If set to 1 only the final key release is sent
    'QT_INC_PATH': '/home/user/Qt/5.2.0/gcc_64/include',
    'QT_BIN_PATH': '/home/user/Qt/5.2.0/gcc_64/bin',
    'QT_LIB_PATH': '/home/user/Qt/5.2.0/gcc_64/lib'
  • refactor test samples for readability



@hekra01 hekra01 released this Jun 16, 2015 · 31 commits to WD_1.X_dev since this release


  • Javascript expressions can locate QML elements by objectName: #6

    Use ObjectNameUtils.findChild() in Javascript expression to access qml elements by objectName.
    e.g: With this qml

    Rectangle {
        id: rect
        objectName: "rect"
        Text {
            id: button
            objectName: "button"
            text: "Home"

    This test will work:

    bText = webdriver.execute_script("var v = ObjectNameUtils.findChild('button'); return v.text;")
    assert 'Home' in bText
  • Manage key auto repeat: #9

    When processing:

    • /session/:sessionId/keys
    • /session/:sessionId/element/:id/value

    For each sequence of similar keys in the value, WD will generate QKeyEvents with the isAutoRepeatthe next events

    • first KeyPress event isAutoRepeat = false
    • last KeyRelease event isAutoRepeat = false
    • all intermediary events isAutoRepeat = true
    • E.G: This python test code elem.send_keys(Keys.UP + Keys.UP)will generate
      • Event 1: type = press, code = UP, isAutoRepeat = false
      • Event 2: type = release, code = UP, isAutoRepeat = true
      • Event 3: type = press, code = UP, isAutoRepeat = true
      • Event 4: type = release, code = UP, isAutoRepeat = false


  • Distinguish Keys.ENTER and Keys.RETURN: #5
  • GetAttribute should return strings for native view: #8
  • Fix translation of umapped selenium keycodes: #11



@hekra01 hekra01 released this Jan 31, 2014 · 106 commits to WD_1.X_dev since this release

  • Port WebDriver to Qt 5.2
  • Add support for Session timeouts
  • Updated atoms for selenium-2.39.0
  • FIX: Resources not released in QuickView tests
  • FIX: "about:blank" URLs not supported
  • FIX: Screenshots of elements styled with CSS "display:none" are corrupt
  • FIX: mongoose incorrectly handles keep-alive



@hekra01 hekra01 released this Dec 18, 2013 · 169 commits to WD_1.X_dev since this release

  • Add element screenshot command. See Element Screenshot
  • Modify Android apk to use Ministro
  • Add support for QMenus/QAction in locator strategies
  • Add webserver-cfg command line option for web server configuration. See Command line options
  • Android, Mac, Desktop binaries in Artifactory
  • FIX: Drag & drop for QWidgets and QML
  • FIX: Contextual menu position on right click
  • FIX: Fix incorrect processing of windowsize capability
    See Custom Capabilities



@hekra01 hekra01 released this Oct 25, 2013 · 280 commits to WD_1.X_dev since this release

  • Add Webdriver command whitelist feature: See Command White List
  • Add multitouch support: See Mobile Devices Commands
  • Add QGraphicsWebView support.
  • FIX: Add speed command for Quick2
  • FIX: Ensure id and objectName consistency for XPath lookup in QML
  • FIX: Handle all content types during widget/web transition issue
  • FIX: Terminate session if all windows closed



@hekra01 hekra01 released this Sep 20, 2013 · 389 commits to WD_1.X_dev since this release

QML support:

  • QtQuick1 support
  • QtQuick2 support
  • Touch command support for QtQuick2
  • FIX: Losing focus in Quick2 view when window is inactive
  • See doc here: Hybridity

Remote Control Events:

  • add VNC authentication
  • WebDriver key dispatcher based on linux UInput
  • See doc here: User Input Forwarding

New Commands:

  • Media Playback commands: see Media
  • Orientation commands support