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Chez Scheme Project Charter (the “Charter”)

This Charter sets forth the responsibilities and procedures for technical contribution to, and oversight of, the Chez Scheme Project (the “Project”). Participation in the Project is open to all in a fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory manner. Contributors to the Project must comply with the terms of this Charter.

  1. Governance

    • The Project will involve Contributors and Committers. Contributors include anyone in the technical community who contributes code, documentation, or other technical artifacts to the Project. Committers are Contributors who have the ability to commit code directly to the Project’s main branch or repository.
    • The Committers shall be responsible for technical oversight and other decision making of the Project. The Committers will seek to make decisions by consensus. Except where otherwise specified below, if a consensus cannot be reached, Project decisions shall be made by a two-thirds vote of the Committers.
    • A unanimous vote of the Committers shall be required for any change or amendment to this Charter.
  2. Technical Policy

    • Any Committer may review a pull request and accept, reject, or solicit modifications to the request, at the Committer’s sole discretion. For changes that might be highly impactful or controversial, Committers are encouraged, but not required, to seek consensus from the other Committers before proceeding. Committers are not required to respond to every pull request, but shall make reasonable efforts to do so.
    • Any existing Committer may nominate a Contributor with the demonstrated experience, knowledge, and commitment to the Project to become a new Committer. A nominee can become a Committer only by a unanimous vote of the existing Committers.
    • Any Committer may resign at any time by giving notice to the other Committers. Any Committer may also be removed at any time by a unanimous vote of the other Committers.
  3. Intellectual Property Policy

    • All new inbound code contributions to the Project shall be made under the Apache 2.0 license.
    • By submitting a contribution, a Contributor certifies that the Contributor is the sole creator of the contribution and/or has the right under all applicable intellectual property laws to provide the contribution to the Project under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license.
    • If a Contributor wishes to contribute existing source code covered by an open-source license other than Apache 2.0, the Contributor must seek an exception from the Committers. Exceptions shall be approved only by a unanimous vote of the Committers and duly recorded in the file NOTICE.
    • All outbound code will be made available under the Apache 2.0 license.