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9.4 changes:
- updated version to 9.4
bintar README NOTICE makefiles/
c/Makefile.i3nt c/Makefile.a6nt c/Makefile.ti3nt c/Makefile.ta6nt
mats/bldnt.bat workarea c/scheme.rc s/ s/
release_notes/release_notes.stex csug/csug.stex
- added missing include
- added new mat verifying that primitives raise exceptions for invalid
arguments based on signatures. fixed some of those
signatures, which weren't otherwise used except for arity checking.
fixed some issues turned up by the test with who reports errors
and how.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, mats/Mf-base,
root-experr*, patch*
- string comparisons (string=?, string-ci<?, etc.) now get out fast
when handed eq arguments.
- changed representation of most-negative iptr, I32, and I64 to make
Visual C compiler happy. updated windows make files, which had
fallen out of date. added missing hsrc= files sort.h and thread.h
so they show up in the Windows workarea c directory.,
fasl.c, number.c, c/Mf-base, c/Makefile.{t,}{i3,a6}nt
- The scheme.h definition of Sfixnum(x) now uses multiply rather than
left shift to avoid counting on the behavior of << on negative numbers,
which is undefined in C.
- Fixed a couple of casts, one harmless and the other causing
Sinteger64_value to return 0 for the most-negative I64 on 32-bit
- The configure-generated Makefile distclean target no longer removes
zlib and nanopass, since they are logically part of the git clone.
It does run make distclean in zlib.
- converted s_test_schlib shifts of -1 to equivalent shifts of 1 to
avoid undefined left-shift behavior on negative numbers.
- added if(---) {} wrapper around call to WRITE in display macro to
silence unused return-value warnings.
- liberalized get-mode check for ../mats. it's not our business whether
people make their directories group and/or other writeable.
- make test now prints the actual relative path to summary in the
"check summary" message, whether invoked from the top-level directory
or from the workarea.,
- configure now just uses cat to copy to $w/workarea,
since the file is presently the same regardless of the configuration.
- fixed time-utc->date test in mat time&date-printing to work regardless of
what locale (and time zone) the host machine has set.
- fixed date->time-utc to honor the zone-offset field when converting a date
object to a time-utc object.
- fixed incorrect handling of library-extension when searching wpo files,
- modified floatify_normalize to properly round denormalized results.
obviated scale_float in the process.
- fixed 0eNNNN for large NNNN to produce 0.0 rather than infinity,
- the reader now raises an exception with condition type implementation
restriction (among the other usual lexical condition types), and
string->number now raises #f, for #e<m>@<a>, where <m> and <a> are
nonzero integers, since Chez Scheme can't represent polar numbers other
than 0@<n> and <n>@0 exactly. <m>@<a> still produces an inexact result,
i.e., we're still extending the set of inexact numeric constants beyond
what R6RS dictates. doing this required a rework of $str->num, which
turned into a fairly extensive rewrite that fixed up a few other minor
issues (like r6rs:string->number improperly allowing 1/2e10) and
eliminated the need for consumers to call $str->num twice in cases
where it can actually produce a number. added some related new tests,
including several found missing by profiling. added a couple of
checks to number->string the absence of which was causing argument
errors to be reported by other routines.,,,, root-experr*, patch*
- added pdtml flag, which if set to t causes profile-dump-html to be
called at the end of a mat run.
- compile-whole-program and compile-whole-library now copy the hash-bang
line from the wpo file (if it has one) to the object file.,
- stex is now a submodule. csug/Makefile and release_notes/Makefile
set and use the required Scheme and STEXLIB variables accordingly.
they default the machine type to a6le, but this can be overridden
and is by the generated top-level Makefile. the generated top-level
Makefile now has a new docs target that runs make in both csug and
release_notes, and an updated distclean target that cleans the same.
the annoying csug Makefile .fig.pdf rule redefinition is now gone.
copyright.stex and csug.stex now list May 2016 as the revision month
and date; this will have to be updated for future releases.
configure, makefiles/,
csug/Makefile, copyright.stex, csug.stex,
- added custom install options. workarea creates an empty config.h,
and configure creates a config.h that sets the default scheme heap
path and scheme-script name based on the actual configuration.
configure, newrelease, workarea, checkin,
c/Mf-base, scheme.c, main.c,
- renamed the installed example directory from lib to examples.,
- added force option to gzip during man page install to prevent gzip from
asking for permission to overwrite existing man page files.
- removed ~/lib/csv%v/%m from the default scheme heap path on unix-like
systems. documented inclusion of %x\..\..\boot\%m in the Windows
default scheme heap path.
- added new configuration options: --installbin, --installlib,
--installschemename, --installpetitename, and --installscriptname.
- updated the example library link to the nanopass framework.
- now cleaning up petite.1 and scheme.1 left behind by make install, checkin
- now removing workarea after cleaning csug and release_notes so
Mf-stex (included from csug/Makefile and release_notes/Makefile)
doesn't complain trying to determine the machine type.
- added installsh support for --ifdiff so the csug make file can use it
for the install target.
- added instructions for building (cross-compiling) a boot file for
a supported machine type for which a boot file is not built by default.
- corrected CHEZSCHEMELIBS and CHEZSCHEMEEXTS index entries to be
- updated to curl stex version 1.2.1
- updated the fix to S_mktime to work on windows. the struct tm
structure on windows does not have the tm_gmtoff field used in the
mac and linux version of the code.
- updated the Windows makefiles for building and testing to remove links for
files that no longer exist, which was getting in the way of creating links
for files that do exist. Also updated the build batch file for Windows to
compile the nanopass framework separately before building the rest of the
scheme compiler and libraries.
s/Mf-{a6,i3,ta6,ti3}nt, s/bldnt.bat,
- updated the read me to include a link to the Chez Scheme project page.
- fixed embarrassing typo in read me.
- profiler's html output refresh: mark the files as HTML5 rather
than HTML4; use target attributes rather than onclick events to
open links in specific windows; add a missing table row element;
replace the deprecated name attribute with an id attribute (and
replace the anchors with spans); and replace the deprecated valign
attribute with a style attribute.
9.4.1 changes:
- updated version to 9.4.1
bintar BUILDING NOTICE makefiles/
c/Makefile.i3nt c/Makefile.a6nt c/Makefile.ti3nt c/Makefile.ta6nt
mats/bldnt.bat workarea c/scheme.rc s/ s/
release_notes/release_notes.stex csug/csug.stex
- updated newrelease to produce the correct log-entry format and
fixed the existing 9.4.1 log entry
newrelease, LOG
- replaced a couple of tabs
- updated the descriptions of statistics and related functions to
reflect the Version 9.3.1 change from sstats structures to sstats
records, with sstats times represented as time objects and sstats
bytes and counts represented as exact integers; also updated the
sstats-difference description to reflect that it no longer coerces
negative differences to zero. added a corresponding release note.
- added a cast to eliminate a warning
- fixed bug in Windows version of directory-separator-predicate when
path-* procedures are passed a path that is not a string.
- fixed bug in cp0 on Windows with $foreign-wchar?.
- Cygwin is now used on Windows, updated mats, eliminated unused killme
BUILDING c/*nt c/Mf-base c/scheme.exe.manifest configure
examples/Makefile mats/ mats/Mf-* mats/ mats/
mats/patch-* mats/ s/Mf-*nt s/Mf-base workarea
- fixed spelling of non-existent
- now forcing zlib configuration before compiling files that depend on
the zlib header files, since zlib's configure script can modify the
header files. removed ZlibInclude variable, which no longer serves
a purpose.
c/Mf-*, c/Makefile.*nt
- removed unnecessary datestamp.c target
- fixed unnessesary blocking in expeditor on Windows.
- eliminated a couple of thread-safety issues and limitations on the
sizes of pathnames produced by expansion of tilde (home-directory)
prefixes by replacing S_pathname, S_pathname_impl, and S_homedir
with S_malloc_pathname, which always mallocs space for the result.
one thread-safety issue involved the use of static strings for expanded
pathnames and affected various file-system operations. the other
affected the file open routines and involved use of the incoming
pathname while deactivated. the incoming pathname is sometimes if not
always a pointer into a Scheme bytevector, which can be overwritten if a
collection occurs while the thread is deactivated. the size limitation
corresponded to the use of the static strings, which were limited to
PATH_MAX bytes. (PATH_MAX typically isn't actually the maximum path
length in contemporary operating systems.) eliminated similar issues
for wide pathnames under Windows by adding S_malloc_wide_pathname.
consumers of the old routines have been modified to use the new
routines and to free the result strings. the various file operations
now consistently treat a pathname with an unresolvable home directory
as a pathname that happens to start with a tilde. eliminated unused
foreign-symbol binding of "(cs)pathname" to S_pathname.
io.c, externs.h, new_io.c, prim5.c, scheme.c, prim.c
- various places where a call to close or gzclose was retried when
the close operation was interrupted no longer do so, since this can
cause problems when another thread has reallocated the same file
- now using vcvarsall type x86_amd64 rather than amd64 when the
former appears to supported and the latter does not, as is the
case with VS Express 2015.
c/Mf-a6nt, c/Mf-ta6nt
- commented out one of the thread mats that consistently causes
indefinite delays under Windows and OpenBSD due to starvation.
- increased wait time for a couple of subprocess responses
- added call to collector to close files opened during iconv mats
specifically for when mats are run under Windows with no iconv dll.
- fixed typo: VC/bin/vcvars64.bat => VC/bin/amd64/vcvars64.bat
c/Mf-a6nt, c/Mf-ta6nt
- scheme_mutex_t now uses volatile keyword for owner and count fields
because these fields can be accessed from multiple threads
concurrently. Updated $yield and $thread-check in mats/ to
be more tolerant of timing variability.
c/types.h, mats/, release_notes.stex
- fixed three instances of unchecked mallocs reported by laqrix in
github issue #77.
io.c, schlib.c, thread.c
- continue the profiler's html output refresh: refine the styling
(and palette) and update CSUG to match. update the CSUG screenshots
to reflect the refined look.
- add unicode support to the expression editor. entry and display now work
except that combining characters are not treated correctly for
line-wrapping. this addresses github issue #32 and part of issue #81.
c/expeditor.c, s/
- moved s_ee_write_char function within the WIN32 check to allow the unicode
change to compile on windows. unicode is not yet supported in the windows
version of the repl.
- reworked the S_create_thread_object to print an error and exit when
allocating the thread context fails from Sactivate_thread. before
this change, the error was raised on the main thread, which resulted
in strange behavior at best. also added who argument to
S_create_thread_object to allow it to report either Sactivate_thread
or fork-thread led to the error.
externs.h, schsig.c, scheme.c, thread.c
- fixed a bug in cpvalid resulting in it leaving behind a cpvalid-defer
form for later passes to choke on. also fixed cp0 to print the correct
name for cpvalid when it does this.,,
- updated the prototype for s_ee_write_char to match the definition
- fixed a side-effect preservation bug with non-trivial test-context
not-like patterns.,,
- instead of default-exception handler, new-cafe establishes a handler
that calls the current value of base-exception-handler so the handler
can be overridden, as we do in our own make files.,
- fixed a bug in case and exclusive-cond syntax-error calls causing an
exception in syntax-error instead of the intended error message.
- added tests for the case and exclusive-cond syntax-error calls, root-experr-compile-0-f-f-f
- added print-extended-identifiers parameter. when #t, symbols like
1+ and +++ print without escapes.,,
- added descriptions of print-extended-identifiers to the user's guide
and release notes. updated the release notes to account for a couple
of other log entries.
intro.stex, io.stex
- updated the sockets example to work with the current version of Chez.
Change the foreign procedure definitions to use the more portable int
rather than integer-32. Switch to a custom port
[make-custom-binary-input/output-port] rather than a generic port
[make-input/output-port], which resulted in deleting quite a bit of
code. Fix various compiler warnings in the C code, and along the way,
fix a signedness bug in c_write that could have resulted in not writing
the full buffer (but reporting that it did) in the case of errors from
examples/csocket.c, examples/
- use high-precision clock time on Windows 8 and up
- fixed profiling code that keyed profiling locations off of only the
bfp to instead key off of both the bfp and efp.
- added Windows installer using the WiX Toolset
- fix typo in ordinal format for 12