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@huili2 huili2 released this Jun 17, 2019



  • B-frame decoding support for Main and High Profile with two test cases
  • Add support for loongson( platform
  • Add clang support for arm/arm64/x86 for NDK version over 17
  • Enable stack protector
  • Add some test cases
  • Avoid using C++/CX code for threads for Windows Phone/Windows Store/UWP
  • Remove extra visual studio projects for the decoder
  • Remove check for working compiler in NDK
  • Bug fixes


These binary releases are distributed under this license:

All the binaries have been digitally signed. binaries for windows and mac platform have been signed on the binaries itself, binaries on other platform are signed on an additional file with a .sig extension, which includes the corresponding SHA hashes.


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