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Quick start

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What you need

1. haXe installed and ready to run. Get it here, it’s a quick download. Make sure that Neko is installed too (it’s bundled with haXe.)

2. A web server with PHP, Apache is recommended. If you’re using windows, we recommend XAMPP for a nice setup of everything you need including PHP.

For Neko users: You can either use the Apache module mod_neko or the Neko web server supplied with haXe. If you use the Neko server, start it with the -rewrite switch so it works with the haXigniter URL:s.

3. haXigniter itself! It is the easiest part: Open a command prompt (Start menu → Run → “cmd” for windows) and run the command haxelib install haxigniter. If haXe/Neko is properly installed, a download should start and after that it’s done. If it doesn’t work, be sure to have the lastest version of haXe.

Compiling and using

HaXigniter has a tool for building projects. When starting a new project, you will use this tool for creating a haXigniter project that is instantly ready to test. Let’s do that. Create an empty directory somewhere and go there with the command prompt. (If you’re a new prompt user, use the command “cd ”.) Then run this command:

haxelib run haxigniter init

Press enter on the prompt that appears.
Note for Neko users: Use the command haxelib run haxigniter init -neko instead.

The once empty directory is now filled with the files needed to build a new project. It’s ready for testing. There is now a shortcut to the build tool. It’s called “ignite” and is located in the project directory. To build the project, use this command:

For Windows: ignite build
For Linux/Mac: ./ignite build

If everything is installed properly, the command should complete without errors. You now have a haXigniter application for PHP in the www directory, ready to run! If you added -neko when initializing the project, the build was made for Neko.


Running the application is simple. Copy the contents of the www directory to your web server root (for Apache it’s usually the “htdocs” directory). Then just browse to the server, most likely http://localhost/, and you should see the haXigniter start page.

Neko users: You can use the command ignite nekoserver to start a test server on the default url http://localhost:2001. No need for apache in this case!

Next step

When you see the start page, you are ready for the next step:

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