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  • [!] - Important note regarding some change.
  • [SETTING] - Changed available settings
  • [MIGRATION] - Change database schema
  • [DEPENDENCY] - Changed dependencies.


List of significant changes, with the latest at the top:

  • 2014/03/27

    [MIGRATION] Shared collections. A new table is required to manage remote shared collections. Run python syncdb.

    [DEPENDENCY] New job manager. MDID now uses RabbitMQ to run background jobs and to instantly update the Solr full-text index. You must install RabbitMQ.

    [DEPENDENCY] New Python library dependencies. Check requirements.txt for newly added third-party library dependencies.

  • 2013/10/20

    [SETTING] Custom master template. It is now possible to insert custom changes into the master template. Create a new template custom template by extending master_root.html and setting MASTER_TEMPLATE in

  • 2013/08/12

    Changed functionality of IP address based groups. Previously IP address based groups did not affect anonymous users. Now, permissions assigned to IP address based groups are always in effect, no matter if the user is logged in or not.

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