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2006 Sample CD
50 Digital Images

License Information: 

Images are licensed to:
(Sample Images)

Under Scholars Resource vendor Digital Images Site License Agreement # n/a

Digimarc Transaction ID 8060216

Technical Information: 

Images\3072 contains 2048x3072 pixel, 24-bit TIFF files.
Images\1536 contains 1024x1536 pixel, 24-bit JPEG files.
Images\768 contains 512x768 pixel, 24-bit JPEG files.
Images\192 contains 128x192 pixel, 24-bit JPEG files.

Data files are provided in tab-delimited text format (data.txt) and comma-delimited 
text format (data.csv) under the \Data directory. Complete Scholars Resource catalog 
information is provided, keyed by filename to the vendor catalog number in each record.

Textbook correlation information is provided in the textbook.txt file in the \Data 
directory. This file lists filename, Scholars Resource catalog number, and correlation 
information for all images in this order to all textbooks currently offered by Scholars 
Resource. The file also specifies the set type, which indicates whether the image is 
the same as--or very similar to--the image in the textbook (Basic set), or whether it 
is an alternate view or similar work (Expanded set).

It is highly recommended that these images and their associated data be integrated into  
a third-party image database system. Contact Scholars Resource if you need assistance. 

For more information and for tips and suggestions on using the images, as well as  
a list of our latest digital image sets, check our web page at www.scholarsresource.com.  
For technical support, contact: 

  Scholars Resource, Inc. 
  5 Horizon Lane 
  Freeport, Maine 04032 USA 

  E-mail: info@scholarsresource.com 
  Web: www.scholarsresource.com 
  (800)688-3040 (US and Canada) 
  (207)865-4336 (Fax) 
Copyright © 2006, Scholars Resource, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 
Use of this software is governed by a license agreement. No part of the software contained 
herein may be reproduced without prior, written permission from Scholars Resource, Inc., 
or the respective image vendor.