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Books for cita, a feminist open-source digital library publishing books by women.
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citapress books

This repository contains the books for cita in Markdown format. 📚

Make sure to read the in the main repository first to find out more about the project. 💙 If you're a developer, make sure to check out the issues on the main Cita repo.

Folder structure

This is an example of how the book files should be structured:

  • the-awakening/
    • cover.png
    • thumbnail.png
  • the-yellow-wallpaper/
    • cover.png
    • thumbnail.png (...)

How to contribute (for artists, designers, writers or editors )

Hi! We're very excited you're interested in contributing to Cita. All of our work is done by volunteers and we welcome you with open arms and lots of emoji. 🤓

We manage out tasks using issues. An issue is a self-contained task.

I wanna get started and help out!

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to contribute using our issues system on Github:

  1. Create a GitHub account. You will need one to indicate you will be working on a task and it helps us keep track of your contributions.
  2. Check out our list of open issues.
  3. When you've decided what to work on, assign the issue to yourself so that other people know someone is working on that specific issue.
  4. Make sure to add any relevant info and updates as comments on the issue.
  5. When you're finished, you can submit your work by creating a pull request. Here's a short guide on how to do that.

I know about/wrote a book that I would love for Cita to host

First of all, that's awesome :) Please add a comment on our new book suggestion thread and we will be in touch :)

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