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Holds text specifications for CFF. Also the source for
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DOI Build Status License: CC BY-SA 4.0

Citation File Format (CFF) Specifications

The format specifications for CFF are available online in HTML format and as a PDF.

For general information (contributing, other repositories, etc.), please see

This repository holds the website and specifications for CFF

Documentation is provided in the form of a Jekyll site hosted on GitHub pages (using, and a PDF.


To work on a new version, create a branch from src with the version number, e.g., 0.9-RC1, create a directory named after the version, e.g., 0.9-RC1, and copy the file from the last version into the directory.

Important: Do NOT rename the file, do NOT change the directory structure.

Specifications are only written in in a version branch! The Markdown dialect is kramdown, and Jekyll specificities apply.

  • Don't forget to change the version tag in the YAML metadata at the start of, and in the file contents!

Once a version is release-ready, do the following:

  • Change the release-date meta tag in the YAML frontmatter of
  • Create a landing page {version}.md file for the version in the {version} folder, describing the version (including release notes, changes, etc.).
  • In _config.yml, set current to the version number, e.g., 0.9-RC1.
  • Add the version and a link to the respective schema release to the table in Create a new version on Zenodo to reserve a DOI, add that DOI to the versions table.
  • Add the version in the PDF link for addition to GitHub release .travis.yml
  • Commit the changes
  • Run to create a list of changes to display on the landing page
  • Merge the version branch to src and create a version tag.
  • Push src. Travis CI will pick up the pushed commit and build it. If you don't want your commits to be built automatically, add [skip ci] to your commit message.


  • Push src to GitHub, Travis will take care of the rest


  • Add the Zenodo DOI badge to the release that has been created by Travis.
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