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This repository (schema) will be archived soon!

Citation File Format Schemas

This repository holds schemas for CFF in the format understood by pykwalifire, for the purpose of validating .cff files.

For general information about the CFF project, including how to contribute and other repositories, please see

You can validate your CITATION.cff file against a schema by using the Python package pykwalifire:

pip install pykwalifire
pykwalifire -s schema.yaml -d CITATION.cff -y cff


  • Python>=3.3
  • pykwalifire>=2.0.1


You can test whether the schema works with the provided example by running pytest.


The versioning scheme for cff-schema is based on CFF specs versions, with changes in the schema that don't follow changes in the specifications suffixed by -n where n is a consecutive number. E.g., cff-schema version 1.0.2-2 would be the second bugfix version after the cff-schema release version that applies to CFF specifications version 1.0.2.