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Reference implementation of the cslEdit library for searching and editing .csl (Citation Style Language) files

This web application allows users of CSL based reference managers to search for citation styles and edit them. It's still an alpha version, but the Visual Editor supports all the features of independent CSL styles (AFAIK) and it should be possible to do real work with it.

It is an implementation of the CSL editor library.

Play with it here: Citation Style Editor


  • bash (on Windows, I recommend git bash included with msysgit)
  • git
  • Jekyll
  • Node.js 0.8.4 or later
  • Java runtime (optional - for running trang to convert the CSL schema)
  • Mail server (for sending feedback emails)

To Setup Development Version

  • Run git clone --recursive csl-demo to checkout the repo.

  • In the repo directory, run jekyll serve (optional: add --watch to automatically rebuild when source changes).

  • Point your browser to localhost:5001 to view the site locally.

  • Point your browser to localhost:5001/cslEditorLib/pages/unitTests.html to run the unit tests

To Deploy

This process creates a static HTML site with concatenated javascript files and cache busters on the URLs, and optionally pushes to the gh-pages branch, currently served by github at

  • Run git clone --recursive csl-demo to checkout the repo.

  • From the repo directory, run ./ $BUILD_DIR $GH_PAGES_REPO_DIR, where:

    • $BUILD_DIR is the name of the directory you wish to deploy to, relative to the parent of the current directory. All current contents of $BUILD_DIR will be removed!
    • $GH_PAGES_REPO_DIR (optional) is the name of a checked out csl-editor-demo-site repo directory, again relative to the parent of the current directory, which will be used to copy the built version and push the result to the gh-pages branch in github, which will automatically update the site at, the domain given in the CNAME file.
  • Point your browser to to run the unit tests

  • Point your browser to to view the deployed site

Customising the editor to integrate with your website or application

Create a fork of this csl-editor-demo-site repository and feel free to alter everything for your own needs except for the core library within the cslEditorLib git submodule.

Customisable features include:

  • Load/Save functions, see src/visualEditorPage.js
  • Navigation bar and feedback widget, see html/navigation.html

You can override these without touching cslEditorLib.

Customising the core library

See documentation for the core library code and it's API at the CSLEditorLib wiki.

If you fix bugs or otherwise improve the core cslEditorLib library, ensure the changes are not specific to your implementation and please issue a pull request so that everyone can benefit. Thanks!