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Search and Edit tools for .csl (Citation Style Language) files

This web application is intended to allow users of CSL based reference managers to search for citation styles and edit them. It's still an alpha version, but the Visual Editor supports all the features of CSL (AFAIK) and it should be possible to do real work with it.

Play with it here: Citation Style Editor

Deployment Instructions


  1. Basic LAMP stack

  2. Java runtime (doesn't have to be on server, just for pre-processing)

  3. Mail server (for sending feedback emails)

  4. Python 2.6.5 or 2.7


  1. Checkout repo into directory <SERVER-ROOT>/csl-source/ where SERVER-ROOT is typically public_html

  2. Run "git submodule update --init" from checked out directory to fetch submodules

  3. Run

  4. Run "python"

  5. Point your browser to /csl/ to access the site

  6. Point your browser to /csl/test/ to run unit tests

(Testing on /csl-source/ should also work, and may be simpler for development since the .js files are not concatenated.)


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