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-# Contents
+ is the official repository
+for the Citation Style Language (CSL) schema.
-This repository contains schema files to represent:
+The CSL schema consists of the files:
-1. the CSL styling language
-2. the CSL core input format
+* csl.rnc
+* csl-categories.rnc
+* csl-terms.rnc
+* csl-types.rnc
+* csl-variables.rnc
+CSL styles and locale files can be validated against csl.rnc, which incorporates
+the contents of the other four files.
+In addition, the repository contains the files csl-data.json and
+csl-citation.json, which describe the metadata model used by citeproc-js for its
+input data and for embedded citation data in word processor documents,
+respectively. At this point these JSON schemas are not yet normative.
+For more information, see

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