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fbennett commented May 8, 2012

At least two major styles alter the form of citation to multimedia items depending on the mode of distribution. We currently distinguish between "broadcast" and other forms of distribution. Adding a "video" type would extend that distinction to cover theater releases vs video distribution (or non-distribution).

For Chicago, Elena notes that Chicago places the title first in the cite for theater releases, but not for videos. This would be directly addressed by adding a "video" type:

For Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (R), the form of citation to video items varies radically depending on a dog's breakfast of factors; but the hardest distinction to handle, within the current framework, is that between a theater release and a private video. Examples given include:

  • Airplane! (Paramount Pictures 1980).
  • Videotape: Installing Your CLS-2009 (Emily Weiss Electric Co. 1995).

(It doesn't show up here, but "Airplane!" is set in small-caps as for a book, while "Installing Your CLS-2009" is set in ordinary roman type.)

To discriminate between these two forms when they share a common motion_picture type, we either need to turn the distinction on the presence of a "medium" (Videotape here), or on the type of creator (Paramount Pictures vs Emily Weiss Electric Co. here). Neither approach is satisfactory, unfortunately. In the first case, it is possible that a "medium" will be present in the metadata for a film (Panavision, Superscope, etc.). In the second case, Emily Weiss Electric Co. could be set as the "author" rather than the "publisher" (reasoning that the item is unpublished, and so should not have a publisher). That distinction is not intuitive in the UI, however, and requires complex code in the CSL to produce correctly formatted output.

Adding a "video" type would simplify the CSL for both of these cases.


rmzelle commented May 8, 2012


bdarcus commented Oct 22, 2012

This issue does need work, but I don't ATM support this particular solution.

A video IS a "medium."

To think through this, I think we might want to take a single example like your Airplane! one, and consider three different media or formats:

  1. film
  2. VHS videotape
  3. streaming MP4
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