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@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
<category citation-format="numeric"/>
<category field="medicine"/>
- <eissn>1547-5271</eissn>
+ <eissn>1556-3871</eissn>
Modification of the NLM / Index Medicus (Vancouver) format for Heart Rhythm (Elsevier, publisher), including short editor, short page abbrs, modified book chapter format, "et al" rule modification (7/3), comma delimiters for containers, specific typographic formatting changes for journal articles and several other minor modifications.
The unusual page numbering scheme (use all digits for less 1000, e.g. 714-789 but "minimal-two" for gtr 1000 (e.g. 1292-99) cannot be accommodated by standard style rules, and "expanded" is thus substituted to approximate the effect.

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