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Stop title casing of container-title in APA, per http://forums.zotero…

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1 parent 172b0f9 commit 8c2d3f2790d6f9ec4db5228772177be47622ec90 @rmzelle rmzelle committed
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10 apa.csl
@@ -378,15 +378,7 @@
<macro name="container-title">
<if type="bill legal_case legislation" match="none">
- <choose>
- <if type="article-journal article-newspaper article-magazine">
- <text variable="container-title" font-style="italic"/>
- </if>
- <else>
- <!--Book Title and other containers should be Title Cased in APA. We're not title-casing periodicals because proper names can be tricky-->
- <text variable="container-title" font-style="italic" text-case="title"/>
- </else>
- </choose>
+ <text variable="container-title" font-style="italic"/>
<group delimiter=" " prefix=", ">

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