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+# Submitting Styles
+Before submitting a style for inclusion in the style repository, make sure that
+your (modified) style
+and meets all our [[style requirements]].
+There are three ways to submit styles. When you want to submit corrections or
+improvements to an existing style, please create a pull request using either the
+GitHub website (option A) or a git client (option B; for advanced users). If you
+have difficulty figuring out options A and B, you can create a gist instead
+(option C). When submitting a new style, use option C or, preferably, B.
+We use an automated system for quality control of the style repository (for
+details, see [[Test-Environment]]). After each commit, the [Travis
+CI](!/citation-style-language/styles) service checks all
+the styles in the repository. Checks include validation against the CSL schema,
+but also cover additional requirements specific to our style repository (such as
+the license under which styles are released). Whenever you create a pull request
+(via options A or B), Travis CI will automatically test the pull request (even
+before it gets merged) and include the test results in the pull request (see the
+[Travis announcement]
+## (A) Edit a Style using the GitHub Website
+_Note that this method is only suited for corrections or improvements of
+existing styles. When you want to submit a new style - even if it contains only
+small modifications relative to the style it was derived from - see (B) or (C)
+1. Create a account and sign in.
+2. Go to, and find the style
+you want to change (dependent styles are stored in the "dependent" directory)
+3. Click on the style name, which will bring you to a page like
+4. Click the "Fork and edit this file" button. This will open a code editor,
+allowing you to make your changes (e.g. you can copy and paste your modified
+style into this window).
+5. Once you have made your changes in the "Code" tab, and previewed them in the
+"Preview" tab, click the "Propose File Change" button.
+6. In the next window, provide a description of the changes you've made. When
+finished, click "Send pull request".
+Based on your GitHub notification settings, you will now automatically receive
+updates when your changes have been accepted, or when the CSL team has comments
+or questions about your changes.
+See also
+## (B) Use a git Client
+Start by [[forking|]] the [[style
+repository|]]. Commit your
+changes, and create a [[pull
+request|]]. You can use your git
+client of choice, such as [[GitHub for Mac|]], [[GitHub
+for Windows|]], or
+## (C) Create a 'gist'
+Visit, and paste the style code into the text box. Give
+the style a name ("name this file...") and click the "Create Public Gist"
+button. Copy the URL of the gist (e.g., and
+include it in your message to us. You can either start a new discussion in the
+[[Citation Styles section of the Zotero forums|]],
+or [[create a new GitHub
+issue|]] in the
+_styles_ repository.

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