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I'm not sure how I feel about this:
1. We can't really host a style for every highschool (that would be analog to the Wikipedia rules against WP pages for schools.)
2. I, at least, think that custom styles for highschools are a terrible idea. Why not just follow some existing styleguide?

@rmzelle - thoughts?


Adding a new style would really help our students a lot. Since they have to write a (pre-)scientific paper in one of their subjects, my colleagues and I created a style for our school to facilitate students' work. It is loosely based on the MLA style, which was simplified and adapted to our needs.
This is not something that only our school has to do or is working on; since this school year it has become compulsory for all Austrian students (age 16+) to write this paper for their final exams.

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so is there one unified citation style that students all over Austria have to use (in which case I'm happy to put this up, though under a different name, obviously), or does each school determine its own citation rules (in which case see my concerns above).
In either case, obviously no one can keep you from hosting any style you want on your school website,

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@koschermich, just so you understand why we hesitate to add just any style to the central repository:

CSL wouldn't be really necessary if there would only be a handful of styles in use. So there is an argument to be made to add any valid CSL style to the style repository. On the other hand, @adam3smith and I both have full-time jobs and maintain the style repository in our spare time, and every style we add increases our burden. There is also the issue of style discovery. Having more styles makes it more difficult to find the one you need, so we want to ensure that there is at least a decent interest for each one we add. Fewer styles also make it easier to ensure that the styles that we have are of decent quality.

With this in mind, I don't have a very strong opinion in this particular case. It would indeed be preferably if we just have one general style for Austrian high schools. Also, if you are preparing your students for a future where they have to use MLA, you might just as well teach them the real thing (although I readily admit I'm not a big fan of the MLA style).

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