standardize previewing and diff checking #4

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We need a way to standardize input data (possibly for different areas: social sciences, sciences, humanities, law), and easily visualize diffs.

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Let me take a crack at what kinds of data we need. Let's consider a few categories, based on area. Feel free to suggest additions, as I'm not really sure after the generic.


  • book (a simple one)
  • book (edited and translated; to test contributors other than authors)
  • journal article (dual author)
  • journal article (multi author, with a number sufficient to test/show et al support)
  • newspaper article (with URL and access date)
  • book chapter
  • report (without an explicit author; to test substitution)


  • patent


  • manuscript


  • legal case
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For Sciences, a patent.

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And we basically need a bookmarklet, hooked up to citeproc-js, that will create a visual preview of this:

The github API includes pull requests, each of which includes a link to the raw diff file; so perhaps that could provide an easy way to do it.

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