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Create Quality Markers #5

adam3smith opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Inspired by this tweet.
It would be very useful if users could gauge the level of vetting and thoroughness that has gone into a citation style - e.g. CMoS and APA are very good, APSA is only soso, etc. Could be done either with some type of crowd evaluate tool, or simply indicated by the author/committer.


It's an important point. I think to do that we need:

  • a common standard upon which to judge, probably based on a common set of test data that can expose problems, and visual previews (see item #4)
  • some technical and social mechanism to do, store and retrieve the ratings

In short, we probably need at least a little (node.js?) web app to do this, with integrated previewing. I'd guess it would need:

  1. user authentication
  2. comments and ratings on styles
  3. style previewing

If others are willing to contribute to writing it, I'm willing to help with basic design.

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