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Specification of the CTS URN notation, version 2.0.rc.1. The text of the specification is markdown format in the file md/

Using this build file

This build file includes a task named release that replaces references to the project's version property with the value of the current version, and places the resulting file in build/pkg. It places a zip archive of this in build/distributions, which can be published to a maven repository with the task uploadArchives.

Creating a web interface with bfdocs

Prerequisites: beautifuldocs,

The following sequence is not yet pacakged as a build task, but can easily be done as follows:

gradle release
cp md/manifest.json build/pkg
cd build/pkg
bfdocs manifest.json

Publishing a nexus artifact

To configure the appropriate settings for publishing a zip distribution to a maven server, make a copy of the settings file publish.gradle, and set the pub property to its name when you run the uploadArchives task, e.g.,

cp publish.gradle publishlocal.gradle
... [edit values in publishlocal.gradle]
gradle -Ppub=publishlocal.gradle uploadArchives


Specification of the CTS URN notation



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