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Social networks are a priceless source of information when it comes to what is of interest to the public, in a wide range of areas, professional, political, and educational, etc. In this project we bring together geospatial visualisation with social network content, expressed via Twitter’s trends. 

This tool showcases its functionality via Twitter’s limited public API enabling city planners, policy makers and individuals alike, to comprehend the local, regional and global interests of the public through a visualized world.

Technical Details

The tool consists of a web application and a web service developed using the Jersey1 framework. It is based on the NASA Web World Wind2 tool for the globe visualisation exploiting its javascript API. Twitter’s public API is used by a service responsible for harvesting twitter’s trends for all the available locations which are stored in a MongoDB3 NoSQL database.

Access Details

The tool can be accessed at: http://trending.cite.gr/nasa-www-ui/index.html

Demo Video

A demo video which showcases the functionality and usage of the tool is available in the following link: http://trending.cite.gr/nasa-www-ui/video/demo-video.m4v


Some screenshots of the application can be seen below:






“Trending Around the Globe” is an open source tool licensed under the EUPL v1.1 license (EUPL license)


  1. Jersey framework: https://jersey.java.net
  2. NASA Web World Wind: https://webworldwind.org
  3. MongoDB: https://www.mongodb.com/
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