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Simple metrics retrieval from --call-home
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Citmetrics is a set of simple scripts to receive incoming --call-home <serveruri> over http and store as json files on disk.

Those files will be later analyzed for metrics information like most 'hit' issue on executions to detect plugins that always return the same status and hence are not useful or erroneous or even to detect old plugins that are no longer relevant in current systems.

Execution of receiving server

In an environment with tox run:

tox -e start

It will start webserver with default port of 80 so ensure having proper privileges for doing so.

This will start the 'webserver' that will receive the jsons generated by citellus and store them:

  • if the json was decoded properly, as timestamp.json
  • if not, as timestamp.json.txt # Older versions did not properly send it as json via requests but as attachment.
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