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Centro Singular de Investigación en Tecnoloxías da Información, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

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  1. Hipster4j is a lightweight and powerful heuristic search library for Java and Android. It contains common, fully customizable algorithms such as Dijkstra, A* (A-Star), DFS, BFS, Bellman-Ford and more.

    Java 301 87

  2. An Android assistant for personal medication management

    Java 175 106

  3. SparkBWA is a new tool that exploits the capabilities of a Big Data technology as Apache Spark to boost the performance of one of the most widely adopted sequence aligner, the Burrows-Wheeler Align…

    C 66 24

  4. Multilingual toolkit for NLP: dependency parser, PoS tagger, NERC, multiword extractor, sentiment analysis, etc.

    Perl 58 21

  5. An abductive framework for the interpretation of time series, with special application to ECG data.

    Python 46 14

  6. Speeding up the estimation of phylogenetic trees for large alignments through parallelization and vectorization strategies

    C++ 33 3


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