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More or less useful dabblings and experiments in various programming languages

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This repository is a dumping ground for random code fragments written for fun, as a demo of a specific language feature, solution of a programming puzzle etc.


  • birthday-paradox: A solution to the birthday paradox with Incanter.
  • ec2-reports: Plotting EC2 box usage with Incanter. Written for a previous job.
  • github-stats: Parsing and plotting Github stats with Incanter.
  • midi: Exploring the Java MIDI libraries.
  • processing: Experiment in using Processing from Clojure.
  • rss: An RSS enclosure downloader.
  • ycombinator: Derivation of the Y combinator.

Common Lisp

  • multiplication.lisp: A function for generating multiplaction tables. Written for a challenge on the forums.


  • mp3.erl: An ID3v1 parser to demonstrate binary pattern matching.


  • A simple closed-form Fibonacci method.


  • quiz.m: A "guess the number" game.



Descriptions to come.

  • card_dealer.rb:
  • currying.rb:
  • date_cipher.rb:
  • enumerable_filter.rb:
  • hash_with_derivative_values.rb:
  • isbn.rb:
  • itunes_lyrics.rb:
  • lazy_lists.rb:
  • money_change.rb:
  • proc_puzzle.rb:
  • random_char.rb:
  • safari_tweet.rb:
  • simhash.rb:
  • subarray_sum.rb:
  • substition_cipher.rb:
  • word_count.rb:


  • little-helper: Application for people receiving hourly wages.
  • manwithhat: A small app which can display either the current xkcd comic or a random one.
  • rotten: Little ROT13 encoder, mainly written to demonstrate how to use the clipboard from within a Shoes application.
  • sherlocktweet: Simple Twitter search, written to demonstrate gem usage in Shoes.
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