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+#+STARTUP: indent
+* Emacs
+** Help
+ C-h t Tutorial
+ C-h m Help for active mode
+ C-h k Help for key sequence
+ C-h f Help for function
+ C-h v Help for variable
+ C-h a Search help
+ C-h i Info reader
+ C-h p Find help by keyword
+ M-x man Manpage reader
+ q Close help buffer
+** General
+ C-c r Revert to file on disk
+ C-g Cancel
+** Movement
+ C-f Next character
+ C-b Previous character
+ M-f Next word
+ M-b Previous word
+ C-a Beginning of line
+ C-e End of line
+ M-a Backward sentence
+ M-e Forward sentence
+ C-l Centers line on screen
+ C-n Next line
+ C-p Previous line
+ C-v Next page
+ M-v Previous page
+ M-< Beginning of document
+ M-> End of document
+ C-M-v Scroll other window/frame
+ C-M-f Move forward by s-expression
+ C-M-b Move backward by s-expression
+ C-M-d Move down list
+ C-M-u Move up list
+ M-g g Go to line
+ M-m Back to indentation
+ M-r Cycle top/center/bottom of visible window
+** Search
+ C-s Forward search
+ C-r Backward search
+ C-s C-w Add word after point to search
+** Tags
+ M-. Go to symbol definition
+ M-* Return to starting point
+ M-0 M-. Go to next matching definition
+ M-x tag-search Start a search
+ M-, Go to next match
+** Frames
+ M-x make-frame New frame
+ M-x delete-frame Close frame
+** Windows
+ C-x 0 Close window
+ C-x 1 Make current window only window
+ C-x 2 Split vertically
+ C-x 3 Split horizontally
+ C-x o Go to next window
+ Shift+arrow key Focus in direction
+ C-x M-f Open file in new window
+** Buffers
+ C-x b Switch buffer
+ C-x C-b Buffer list
+ C-x k Kill buffer
+ C-y Send buffer to end of buffer list
+ C-x C-Right Next buffer
+ C-x C-Left Previous buffer
+** Copy/paste/delete
+ C-SPC Set mark
+ C-x h Select whole buffer
+ M-h Select paragraph
+ C-w Kill region
+ M-w Copy region
+ C-y Paste from kill ring
+ M-y Cycle kill ring
+ C-k Kill text to end of line
+ C-M-h Kill previous word
+ C-u C-SPC Jump to last mark
+ C-_ Undo
+** File management
+ C-x C-f Find file
+ C-x f Find recent file
+ C-x s Save file
+** Various
+ C-x m Emacs shell
+ M-; (Un-)Comment region
+ M-/ Completion (Hippie Expand)
+ C-x C-i Ido function list
+ C-M \ Reindent region
+ C-c n Cleanup whitespace in ws mode
+ C-| Shell command on region
+ C-u C-| Like above, replace selection
+ C-u C-Spc Pop mark
+** Evaluate Elisp code
+ C-c v Evaluate buffer
+ C-x C-e Evaluate last sexp
+* Ruby mode
+ C-c C-s Start inf-ruby
+ C-C C-r Send region to inf-ruby
+ C-h r Search docs
+ C-x t Run Ruby file
+* Column mode
+ M-x cua-mode Start column mode
+ C-Enter Selecting in column mode
+* Org-mode
+ M-Shift-Ret Insert TODO item
+ C-c C-t Mark TODO as done
+ C-c C-o Open link
+ C-c l Store link
+ C-c C-l Paste link
+ C-c C-s Schedule task
+ Shift-Tab Document overview
+* Magit
+** Status buffer
+C-x g Magit status
+d Show diff to anoter revision
+x Resets to given revision
+w Show wazzup
+R Rebase
+R c Continue rebase
+P p Push
+f f Update remote
+F p Pull
+** Unstaged files
+g Refresh status buffer
+s Stage fike
+i Add to .gitingore
+k Delete untracked file forever
+** Staging and commiting
+u Unstage file
+S Stage all hunks
+U Unstage all hunks
+k Discard uncommitted changes
+c Write commit message
+C-c C-c Commit
+C-c C-a Toggle amend
+** History
+l l Show repository history
+l L Verbose history
+a Apply commit to current branch
+A Cherry-pick commit
+v Revert commit
+C-w Copy SHA1 to kill ring
+= Diff current commit and marked commit
+. Mark/unmark commit
+C-u . Unmark no matter where point is
+** Stashing
+z z Create new stash
+a Apply stash
+A Pop stash
+k Kill stash
+** Branching
+b c Change branch
+b B Create branch and switch to it
+b V List local and remote branches
+** Branch list
+k Delete branch
+C-u k Delete even if unmerged
+m m Manual merge
+RET Check out branch

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