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My ~/.emacs.d

This is my current ~/.emacs.d and will quite likely always be a WIP.

What's inside?

  • I started from live-coding-emacs, a very nice Emacs configuration mainly focussed on Clojure.

  • I then installed some parts of the emacs-starter-kit through ELPA.

  • Last but not least I added various configuration snippets I got from blog posts, mailing lists and the Emacs wiki.


All the parts I took from elsewhere remain under the license chosen by the original author.

Stuff I added myself is free software. You may distribute it under the terms of the Poetic License.

(c) 2011 Michael Kohl

This work `as-is' we provide.
No warranty, express or implied.
We've done our best,
to debug and test.
Liability for damages denied.

Permission is granted hereby,
to copy, share, and modify.
Use as is fit,
free or for profit.
On this notice these rights rely.
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