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the typo that wouldn't die

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commit 8a5d27a55c11110e1d9b258002b0a3ec8831d7a2 1 parent e4cd9e4
@stuarthalloway stuarthalloway authored
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  1. +1 −1  src/labs/its_all_data.clj
2  src/labs/its_all_data.clj
@@ -145,7 +145,7 @@
[:li "How about a frequency distribution by the length of the word?"
(code "(frequencies (map #(.length %) words))")]
[:li "Frequencies are easier to visualize with a bar chart. Load the incanter charting library:"
- (code (use 'incanter [core charts]))]
+ (code (use '[incanter core charts]))]
[:li "The " (c bar-chart) " function expects a sequence of categories, followed by a sequene of values. Use " (c let) " to capture frequencies in a local variable, and then call " (c keys) " and " (c values) " to pass the data to " (c bar-chart) ". "
(code (let [f (frequencies (map first words))]
(view (bar-chart (keys f) (vals f)))))]]])
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