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{"tagline":"Removes outdated links from your Pinboard bookmarks","body":"# unsavory – get rid of those stale bookmarks!\r\n\r\n`unsavory` is a little Ruby script which checks your Pinboard bookmarks for dead links (HTTP status code 404) and removes them. Additionally it will also inform you about links which return a status code other than 200 (OK).\r\n\r\n## Usage\r\n\r\nAfter installing unsavory with \r\n\r\n $ gem install unsavory\r\n\r\nyou can start it from the command-line like this:\r\n\r\n $ unsavory\r\n\r\nIt will first check if it can find the configuration file `~/.unsavory`, which should have the following format:\r\n\r\n user:password\r\n \r\nIn case this file doesn't exist, `HighLine` will be used to prompt for login credentials. If this gem isn't available, the script will display an error message and abort.\r\n \r\nWhen run, unsavory will display a progressbar and an estimated time until completion:\r\n \r\n Enter Pinboard username: citizen428\r\n Enter Pinboard password: *************\r\n\r\n citizen428 has 774 bookmarks.\r\n URLs: 3% |o | ETA: 00:09:34\r\n\r\nIt will also create a logfile name `unsavory.log` in the directory where it was started. The log contains information on deleted URLs, as well as redirects and all HTTP response codes other than 200 (OK).\r\n \r\n## Warning\r\n\r\nAny link that returns an HTTP status code of 404 will be deleted without warning. There's no undo, use at your own risk!\r\n\r\n## Todo\r\n\r\n* None at the moment.\r\n\r\n## Author\r\n\r\nMichael Kohl <citizen428[at]gmail[dot]com>\r\n","note":"Don't delete this file! It's used internally to help with page regeneration.","google":"","name":"Unsavory"}
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