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17 lines (16 sloc) 0.784 kB do |s| = 'unsavory'
s.version = '1.3' = 'Michael Kohl' = ''
s.summary = 'Removes outdated links from your Pinboard bookmarks'
s.description = 'unsavory is a little Ruby script which checks your Pinboard bookmarks for dead links (ENOENT or HTTP status code 404) and removes them. Additionally it will also inform you about links which return a status code other than 200 (OK).'
s.homepage = ''
s.require_paths = %w[lib]
s.files = %w[lib/pinboard_client.rb lib/utilities.rb bin/unsavory ./README.rdoc]
s.executable = 'unsavory'
s.add_dependency('httparty', '>= 0.4.3')
s.add_dependency('progressbar', '>= 0.9.0')
s.has_rdoc = false
s.license = 'MIT'
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